Training - Planning for Designers


Designers should be involved in the creation of bottom-up plans to create a greater sense of ownership in their activities. This ownership will ensure a greater likelihood of project success. Project managers will appreciate the difference that a trained designer can make in the overall planning and tracking of new products.

This course does not rehash the traditional high level project management material, but provides a simpler methodology designed to appeal to those who actually do the work. It focuses on practical techniques and measures that will help integrate designers into the planning process.

Who Should Attend:

  • Designers in all aspects of your development
  • Project Managers

What will You Learn:

  • A simplified, but complete method to plan a project
  • A team oriented approach to managing a project

Course Outline:

  1. Where to Start
  2. Breaking Down the Work
  3. Estimating the Time Required
  4. Ordering the Work (Risk Management and Interdependencies)
  5. Reviewing the Plan
  6. Tracking the Plan
  7. Lessons Learned

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