One if the keys to managing projects is to be able to gather information on project progress without adding the burden of the developers. A significant amount of information can be gathered as a side effect of their development.

We can create or adapt the systems required to gather this information. Starting from the systems, we can knit together the applications, database storage and information analysis to create the reports that project managers need to judge the progress being made.

We have experience in developing PHP and Perl applications running in a stand-alone or web based mode. These can use MySQl or PostgreSQL databases to store information for post analysis. Information can then be analysed and presented in graphical form. An example of such an application is the License Tracker ( This application gathers information of CAD license usage and presents it graphically.

In many cases, more complex applications can be created using open source applications. Simple modifications can tune the application to meet the needs of your group. We are helping to develop the Mantis Issue Tracker (

We can also create web based applications for many needs. Please contact us for more details.

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