Many new developments use a combination of hardware and software to achieve the end product. These 'embedded' systems combine the power of low power microprocessors and special purpose software. Generally, these developments require special skills to make the most expeditious tradeoffs and meet product deadlines. Embedded linux is becoming the platform of choice for general development of an embedded system. This combines a stable general purpose operating system with a wealth of applications that can be used to develop unique end user applications. 

In addition to an optimized design, increasing the effectiveness of your team will give your company a significant edge over the competition. We can help you do this through the selection of project management and process techniques, all customized to match your group's needs. A development process is not a one size fits all proposition, so the selection and tuning of the process is critical.

Logical Outcome Ltd. is a consulting firm located in Ottawa, Canada. With over 20 years experience in electronic product development, we have the experience and knowledge to assist you. In some cases, all you may need is help managing a critical project so you can learn by example. If you need to institutionalize a world-class development process, we will help you define it, introduce it to your team, and provide the infrastructure to keep it running. These lessons easily apply to other industries through simple translation of these techniques. 

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