About Us

Logical Outcome Ltd. is based in Ottawa, Canada. We will take on activities both inside and outside our local region through the power of the internet.


Glenn Henshaw is the principal consultant for the organization. He has 20 years experience in managing electronic product developments. Projects have ranged range in size from a individual activities up to 150 staff and $15M CAD per year in development spending. These products have been in service in major telecommunications providers.

Glenn has helped develop new product introduction processes for several major companies in the electronics field. These have helped to shave months off of the overall introduction time for new products. He also has significant background in CAD Tool introduction and automation, process automation, and intranet (web) based integration of tools.

In the field of software integration, Glenn has developed code for several open source projects. The most recent is the Mantis issue trackerexternal_link. Building from an open source base helps speed the development process for larger applications. He has also developed custom solutions for employee time tracking, CAD licence managementexternal_link and test progress tracking.

Over the years, Glenn has received training in project management, and facilitation. He has also received a certificate in Systems Dynamics from MIT.

Further details and references are available on request.

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